Pulled Pork – 6.99
Rubbed with our special blend of flavors and spices then slowly smoked with pecan wood to deliver a succulent, mouth watering fan favorite. Served on a fresh bollio roll and served with 1 side dish.

Smoked Turkey – 6.99
Brined in an apple juice brine while the cavity is filled with fresh herbs. Then slow smoked over a mild wood. Skin and bones removed and you are rewarded with the juciest, most tender turkey you’ve ever had. Served on a bollio roll and comes with 1 side dish.

Beef Brisket – 7.99
Infused with our famous injection and then rubbed with another blend of herbs and spices. Slow smoked with care for hours until a perfect “melt in your mouth” tenderness is achieved. Served sliced (or burnt ends upon request, if available) on a fresh bollio roll and comes with 1 side dish.

Hot Links – 5.99
A real spicy treat. Hot link sausages marinated in our famous 5 Star BBQ Original Spicy Sauce (the red label) then smoked and served with fresh onions, peppers on a bollio rioll and comes with 1 side dish.

Spare Ribs 1/2 or Full Rack – 9.99/18.99
A 5 Star fan favorite. Generously rubbed with our amazing rub ingredients then slow smoked. Our famous 5 Star BBQ original flavor sauce (the black label) is painted on near the end of cooking. Comes off the bone gently for a succulent, flavorful treat. Served with 1 side dish.

BBQ Sampler – 14.99
2 Ribs, 1/4 lb of Pulled Pork. 1/4 lb of Brisket and 1 Hot Link and 1 choice of side dish. “Nuff” said.

Grilled Chicken – 6.99
1/4 Chicken (leg and thigh or breast and wing) marinated in a special blend of flavors and seasoned with our rub. Slow smoked and finished up on the grill to get a great, caramelized, crispy flavor. Served with 1 side dish.

Grilled Pork Chops – 7.99
2 Pork Chops marinated in our tasty, Carolina style mustard based Yellow Label BBQ Sauce. Then seasoned generously and grilled until perfectly tender and juicy. Served with 1 side dish.

Grilled Tri-Tip – 8.99
If you know, then you know. This one is special! Marinated with our Southwestern style Green Label Sauce. Smoked then moved to the grill to add more flavor then sliced and served with Pico de Gallo on a bollio roll and comes with 1 side dish.

Grilled Rib Tips – 6.99
The tips are cut right off the whole spare rib. They are seasoned and rubbed then smoked and finally grilled to perfection. Add your favorite sauce and enjoy. Served with 1 side dish.

Grilled Bratwurst – 5.99
A great sausage sandwich. Brined with beer, onions and peppers then grilled and served on a bollio roll. Add your favorite sauce or condiment. Served with 1 side dish. Makes you feel like you’re at a tailgate party.

Grill Sampler – 14.99
1 piece Chicken, 1 Pork Chop, 1/2 order of Rib Tips, 1 Bratwurst and 1 choice of side dish.

BBQ Beans – 1.79
This 3 bean delight includes kidney, black and pinto beans, bell peppers, onions & other ingredients and spices.
Also available by the Pint – 6.79
Quart – 12.79

Pepper Jack Mac – 1.79
This original favorite is not your kid’s Mac & Cheese. Spicy pepper jack cheese, bacon and mustard crafted into a smooth, creamy dish that you can’t find anywhere else.
Also available by the Pint – 6.79
Quart – 12.79

Grilled Avocado – 1.79
1/2 shell avocado marinated in olive oil, lemon juice and seasoned. Grilled until tender. Eat it right out of the shell. It’s like creamy, warm adult ice cream.

Potato Salad – 1.79
Another 5 Star BBQ take on a traditional recipe. Perfectly cooked potatoes, mustard, mayo, finely diced pickles, fresh herbs and spices. Tastes just like a picnic.
Also available by the Pint – 6.79
Quart – 12.79

Pepper Cole Slaw – 1.79
Like no slaw you have ever had before. Diced cabbage, carrots, celery, and sweet bell peppers. Dressed lightly with a blend of mango, pineapple, oranges, honey and other mouthwatering ingredients. Tastes like summertime on a tropical isle.
Also available by the Pint – 6.79
Quart – 12.79

20 oz. Fountain Drinks – 1.49

Our most popular sauce by far. A “midwestern style“ tradition, “Kansas City style.” Rich and smooth, very light, a mild tangy flavor with a nice bold, sweet taste and a very mild heat. Great on ribs, pulled pork, brisket and chicken.
- $6.50/16 oz jar

What’s that? You never heard of “southwestern style” BBQ sauce? You don’t know what you have been missing. Using local spicy peppers and ingredients, we have perfected a sauce that is green chili based instead of a tomato base. It starts out sweet and then you feel that warm heat in your mouth that makes you want more. Also a perfect marinade for chicken, turkey, pork chops, loins, beef and steaks.
- $8.50/16 oz jar

“Texas style.” Texans often prefer BBQ sans sauce but when they do indulge they often prefer this type of sauce. It is very much like our original 5 Star Black label sauce, rich and smooth with a bold sweet taste but, as like Texans like to do it, with a much spicier flavor. Big, bold spicy and tons of flavor!
- $6.50/16 oz jar

A “Carolina and southeast style tradition.” Ok, not as familiar or as popular out here in the southwest but try this and you will see why the south and east love this style. A little more tangy but still with some sweet flavors, and a nice little spicy kick at the end. Great on pork and poultry.
- $6.50/16 oz jar